About Island Gelato Co

Our story began with a love affair of food and cooking, and a background in coffee roasting. A trip to Sydney and many delicious scoops of gelato later we were inspired to open our own gelato shop. In the summer of 2014 on beautiful waiheke island, our dream became a reality.

At Island Gelato Co we are driven by the creative process, from inventing new exciting seasonal flavours, the perfect summer playlist, to designing a cool and funky space where our customers can come, sit and enjoy a scoop or two.

Our flavours and processes are orchestrated by the work of a passionate chef. We are constantly adapting, experimenting and testing new ingredients in the pursuit of that perfect mouthful of excitement. Creamy, crunchy chewy and zesty. With over 70 plus flavours and weekly specials everything is lovingly created in store daily, full bodied in flavour, low in fat and sugar.

In the kitchen things are done the handmade way, integrity of sourcing the best ingredients & collaborating with the finest producers, nuts are roasted and ground, compotes and sauces simmer slowly on the stove. Fruit is picked locally and only used when in season, raw unprocessed and natural.

Since opening in 2014 our main goal has been to set the benchmark for creating the best Gelato we possibly can. This continues to be our drive when it comes to creating our diverse range of wonderful flavours.

At Island Gelato Co we’re into abundance, freshness and flavour. We’re into sunshine, salty skin and triple scoops.

“Lick it or lose it”

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