At Island Gelato, we build our flavours from the ground up, and through this process each flavour develops its own unique story. Here’s how we turn flavours into masterpieces.

We like to say that gelato is the chef’s ice cream. Gelato uses more milk than cream, meaning it has a lower fat content. In ice cream, this fat coats the palate and masks the flavours. In gelato, the flavours don’t have anywhere to hide.

That’s why we hire qualified pâtissiers — trained pastry chefs with a proven record for building and balancing flavours. Our team has to consider every level of the gelato, just as they would consider a whole plate of dessert. We look at every layer, from the creamy to the crunchy and ensure everything is harmonious.

Knowing that every layer of the gelato needs to stand on its own and support the whole, we choose the best ingredients possible. Often this means building partnerships with orchards and growers right here on Waiheke, or sourcing the best available products such as Belgium chocolate.

With the ingredients sourced, our pâtissiers can begin their creative process. This is where the magic happens and flavours start to develop their own unique stories.

The journey: Gin, grapefruit and yuzu

Our gin, grapefruit and yuzu sorbet is a winter flavour, but not everyone knows the story behind it.

We developed this sorbet with Elemental Distillery, makers of the award-winning Roots Dry Gin. In producing the Roots gin, Elemental uses the peel and flesh of Twisted Citrus grapefruit from Gisborne.

The leftover fruit and juice could have easily been wasted. Through our partnership, we were able to acquire the juice and infuse it with a range of aromatics to create our beloved sorbet.

The result is a perfectly balanced grapefruit sorbet infused with juniper, Hawke’s Bay coriander seed and Motueka beer hops. This sorbet is the product of innovative collaboration, a passion for reducing waste and building incredible flavour experiences.

Be sure to stop by your nearest Island Gelato scoop shop this winter for a chance to share in the story of this sorbet, and our many other flavours.